Throughout human history, storytelling has been a powerfully emotive means with which we connect and understand ourselves and each other. Through our stories, we share the most important and universal aspects of our lives, including the search for happiness, belonging, freedom, safety, love, and prosperity.


Inspired by this tradition of storytelling, we feel the most fitting way to articulate the positive influence charitable organisations have on our lives and Australian society is by helping others tell their stories.

In collating this diverse collection of stories, we have gained a deeper appreciation of the often unheralded work of charitable organisations and the people who play such an important role in enriching the lives of others.

The Not-For-Profit Foundation hopes to build and strengthen the connection between yourself and the people involved in the not-for-profit sector. We hope you will share with us the struggle, hope and triumph so powerfully embodied in this collection of stories, which perhaps will be a source of inspiration and catalyst for action in your own life.


We welcome your interest in supoorting the work of Australian charities and invite you to read the many success stories contained on this website or learn more about The Australian Charity Storybook.


The Not-For-Profit Foundation is nonprofit organisation (Incorporated Association INC 1300361) founded in March 2013 and is the publisher of this website and The Australian Charity Storybook. The Foundation is supported by its corporate partners listed below.


Kind wishes

From the Directors of The-Not-For-Profit Foundation.