The B2B buying decision is different. The B2B sales funnel is complicated. The buying process is long, and you’ve got competitors. Credibility, trust and relationships are critical to make sales.

At Lead Creation, we gather together your most important prospects, engage with them on your behalf so that you can then sell to them.


  • Why are we so different? Let’s keep things simple…
  • We only work with clients who sell B2B.
  • We shorten your sales cycle by gathering and engaging your most valuable prospects.
  • We give you access to a powerful New Media: some of the largest online business communities in Australia.
  • We can only work for one company in each industry – the one that wants to become (or stay) the market leader.
  • We guarantee to deliver results that return revenue (pretty rare with marketers..!)


Organisation Details
L5, 39 Liverpool St Sydney NSW 2000
Contact details: 

+61 2 8188 8600