Mittagundi was contacted by Sally’s Youth Worker and her teacher in 2012. They were worried about Sally at school. They could see clearly her potential but felt she wasn’t reaching it. She had been having difficulty with friendships and was attending school less and less. When she did attend she was withdrawn and not herself.


They were looking for something for Sally that could provide her with a positive self-affirming experience, whilst also giving her perspective on her life and her future.


For Sally, “life before Mittagundi was hard and I was bullied a lot. My teacher told me that Mittagundi was a great place to go if you want to go away from people. So I asked about it, and it turned out that Mittagundi would give me a Sponsorship If I wanted to go. So, I said yes, and did it.”


Sally initially was really homesick and wanted to leave on the first night, but the fellow young people and staff talked her through the first couple of days and from that point she was in love with the place.


“My experience at Mittagundi was amazing. I learned how to be in a place with no electricity. A place I have wanted to go to for years. It was the best experience.”



For Sally and most other young people, ten days without electricity, social media and their usual peer group is a challenge. Computers and technology are an integral part of most of the day. Instead, Mittagundi provided Sally with an opportunity to view life without it. To really look at herself and her choices.


It also gave her an opportunity to meet new peers and to renew her confidence in her self as a person and as a friend. “I learned how to make new friends and it felt great.”


Mittagundi gave Sally a chance to be herself and be appreciated for this.


“When I got home, initially it was hard because everything was different. I just wanted to be at Mittagundi for longer. I didn’t want to go back to school and have to deal with the bullying and all the other things that happened at school. Even having electricity was hard and I didn’t want to use it that often. What I didn’t realise was how much my experience at Mittagundi was going to help me back in life. I learned about others and learned about myself.”


Sally has since excelled both at school and on a personal and social front. She is due to complete her final exams this year and is considering her future career choices. Outdoor Education is high on her agenda.


Her experience at Mittagundi has influenced these choices and has given her the confidence and motivation to consider further study.




Mittagundi is an Outdoor Education Centre established in 1978 with the aim to provide young people from a diverse range of backgrounds experience on a pioneer style farm without electricity. At Mittagundi young people learn the value of other people and learn to appreciate the simple things in life. They learn some basic back-to-basic skills whilst also enjoying time out to camp, raft and abseil within the mountain retreat

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