Optimum NFP is a uniquely targeted management consulting service that delivers wide ranging solutions to the broader Not-for-Profit sector. These include:


•     Identification, management and implementation of  appropriate change processes that best       prepare the organisation  for successful change outcomes;


•     Design and implementation of  Governance frameworks


•     Development of risk management frameworks


•     Strategic planning activities that underpin organisational performance


Optimum NFP is accredited on the National Disability Service ‘Panel of Experts for the Good Governance Program’; where structured services are offered in the following Support Packages that are designed to assist disability service provides in NSW achieve their goals:


•     Strategic Business Planning


•     Stakeholder Engagement & Successful Transitioning


•     Risk Management


•     Good Governance


David Rosenbaum, as Principal of Optimum NFP holds formal graduate qualifications in Accounting and post graduate qualifications in Management.


Organisation Details
Contact details: 

David Rosenbaum

02 9181 1014